The idea of a trade association for third party intermediaries was first mentioned in the minutes of an Energywatch seminar held to discuss energy purchasing for the Public Sector and SMEs.

It became clear that brokers were viewed in a less than complimentary light and many horror stories were circulating in the industry regarding clients being dealt with in a cavalier manner. There were a group of brokers who were sufficiently worried about the impact that this was having on their reputation that the UIA was formed.

Resolve Energy recognises the importance of being trusted by its customers. By joining the UIA and signing its Code of Practice increases consumer confidence and provides peace of mind that we are delivering on our promises.

The UIA Code is an agreement between the UIA and its members (and suppliers who subscribe to the Code) which sets out the minimum service standards that clients can expect from energy brokers and consultants.

All the major leading suppliers have pledged their support for the UIA. Energywatch and Ofgem support the initiative of the Trade Association the Regulator having made the following statement:

“Ofgem welcomes the UIA initiative as the first step to the self-regulation of Third Party Intermediaries in the energy market. We hope that the Code of Practice increases consumer confidence giving customers the assurance that their independent representative is acting with their best interests in mind.”

Resolve Energy have also agreed to abide to the EON sponsored Code of Practice. To date, EON are the only energy supplier to have a code of practice. However, each and every supplier that Resolve Energy works with demands an exceptionally high standard from us.

For more information on the UIA please follow the below link