Resolve Energy Accredited

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1st Mar 2021

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Resolve Energy

Resolve Energy has been awarded with Total Gas & Power’s (TGP) Platinum accreditation for compliance with an average score of 95%+ for the six month period between October 2018 – March 2019.

This is recognition for consistantly adhearing to the high standards set by TGP, and recognising that we sell in a compliant and ethical manner.

The UK business energy market is dominated by energy brokers, and TGP has spent a lot of time developing relationships and working with these brokers to ensure they are offering customers the best level of service. As well as taking strong action on any failings identified, TGP also has a program of recognition around those brokers that are shown through TGPs monitoring program to be achieving a high level of performance against our high quality and compliance standards.

‘Accreditation’ is not a guarantee of perfection, but more a reflection that over a given period of time the Broker has been able to maintain an industry leading level of quality and compliance performance. The targets are set at a demanding level, which means a Broker needs to show a real ongoing commitment to compliance excellence to meet them.