Brexit may lead to gas supply shortages and rising prices in the UK according to European energy mogul Marco Alvera.

Almost 50% of the gas supply consumed in the UK is imported from Europe, and government figures say that 39% of the electricity consumed in the UK in 2018 was generated by natural gas.

Alvera is the head of European industry group GasNaturally and the CEO of Italian gas company Snam.

Alvera told the BBC that gas exports to Britain may be restricted during cold spells.

He said: “We’ve spoken to several ministers and civil servants over the last two years. Energy has not been discussed enough.”

“I would make [energy] a high priority in the discussions, and I haven’t seen it be like that”.

He added: “In the week [last year] when we had the ‘Beast from the East’ cold spell, the system was already under a lot of strain, and the UK was taking a lot of gas from Europe that was stored in Europe”

Should the UK leave the bloc with no-deal, the UK would theoretically leave the Internal Energy Market, meaning that deals with Russia and Norway would potentially be at risk. Under the Withdrawl Agreement, this may occur on December 31 2020.

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