Contract Negotiation

With over 20 different energy suppliers offering commercial energy prices in today’s market, the task of negotiating with each of them to find the best deal is a daunting process. We have access to all of these suppliers, so we can take away the headache of shopping around and find the best deal to suit your business needs.

Based on the volume of business transactions we have with these suppliers, we are in a great position to be able to negotiate a wide range of competitive rates and bespoke products for each customer. Once we have compared prices and products from each supplier, we will present the options back to you in a digestible and understandable format. You can then make an informed decision, saving you time and money. Our service offers the following strengths:

Bespoke: Our calculated and bespoke approach to contract negotiations for every single client guarantees your business receives the best contract to match your needs. Many energy brokers offer a ‘one size fits all’ method for contract negotiation, but at Resolve Energy, we recognise that each business works differently, so we ensure that we offer you an individual approach.

Independent: Because we are 100% independent, we can negotiate fully for the client rather than the supplier. Our vested interest is always with the client and our contract negotiation is strictly client focused, meaning we will always find you the best possible deal for your business.

No Tie-Ins: We do not have any contracts or tie-ins with our clients, meaning we only get paid if we negotiate the best possible energy contract for your business.

Ongoing Support: It is not just the initial contract that we negotiate for you; we keep you in the loop with regards to your contract and advise on when the optimum time to renew will be.

Once you are a customer of Resolve Energy, we will take care of all your energy needs, the contract negotiation is only the beginning.