Energy suppliers may be required to submit revised plans for the rollout of smart meters across their UK customer base.

The UK government had initially set a target to install smart meters in homes and businesses across the UK by 31 December 2018. As part of Ofgem’s proposed amendments for regulating large energy suppliers, this target is expected to be pushed back to the end of 2020.

Under the new proposal, the revised plans and milestones are to be binding annual targets. Ofgem said it could consider “further use of our powers to direct roll out plans (with binding annual milestones) from smaller suppliers should we later consider necessary”.

Rob Salter-Church, Partner, Consumers and Competition at Ofgem said: “We are committed to the smart meter programme and want consumers to enjoy the benefits from smart metering as early as possible. Supplier planning is key to the success of this programme and we consider that this is best achieved through effective use of our powers of direction to ensure that suppliers remain focused through to 2020.”

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