Half Hourly Electricity

A half hourly electricity meter is a specialised type of business electricity meter. This type of meter is connected to a telephone line and meter readings are taken every half hour, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days of the year.

Reads are taken automatically down a telecommunications link from the meter. These reads are logged and processed by “The Meter Operator”. The information (half hourly data) is given to National Networks and the electricity supplier. This gives bills the best chance of being 100% accurate, as the meter is read automatically, removing the need for any estimated reads.

Government Legislation

Half hourly meters are most common in energy intensive businesses, particularly in the industrial sector. Government legislation demands that a half hourly meter is fitted for all premises with a maximum demand of 100kW or more in any half hourly period. This legal requirement is in place to ensure that your metering can sufficiently handle surges of electricity for health and safety reasons.

You can check if your business has a half hourly electricity meter installed by checking the supply number on an electricity bill. If the first two numbers (those in the top left box) read 00 then this is a half hourly meter, as displayed in the example below:

Due to the nature of the meter type and the way it is read, a very broad spectrum of products and tariffs are available for half hourly meters. Our team of experts will analyse and learn about how you use electricity for your business, allowing us to advise you on the best possible fixed price electricity tariffs or flexible energy procurement for your individual business’s needs.

A Specialist Service

We are specialists in half hourly electricity, meaning our team can assist with finding the most suitable and cost effective supplier and product for your individual business requirements. The half hourly procurement process is different to that of a standard electricity meter in that we require up to date half hourly data.

With this data, the energy suppliers will tailor their offers to suit your individual energy usage. They will bid for your contract, before we report back to you with the best possible products and tariffs. Half hourly pricing is usually only valid during the day due to its bespoke nature and market fluctuations. However, we’ll work with you to find the most suitable timing for your needs.