Large Companies

For large businesses, or energy intensive industries, you are likely to have to different electricity and gas needs to those of a small business. The simple fact is, the amount of money you spend on energy costs can make up a large percentage of your outgoings, so you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible for your business.

Each business has it’s own unique needs when it comes to energy contracts, which is why business energy suppliers offer such a broad range of products and tariffs to choose from. We offer a bespoke service, tailored to the exact needs of each business that we work with. Large companies will often have a bigger product suite to choose from, as essentially, there are more tariffs and products available to large energy consumers.

The two types of energy contracts available to large businesses are ‘Fixed Contracts’ and ‘Flexible Contracts’

Fixed Contracts

A fixed contract does exactly what it says on the tin, providing a fully fixed priced price for the full contract duration, usually between one and five years in length. A fixed contract will protect your business from any market fluctuations during the contract. In a rising market, fixed contracts provide peace of mind and consistency, although bills still vary depending on your energy usage. Fixed contracts tend to be the most popular choice for businesses.

Flexible Contracts

A flexible contract allows the user to change the rates being paid for energy depending on market movements. There are many different types of flexible contracts, each with their own level of risk. The flexible approach requires a lot of time, effort and industry knowledge to be able to fix and unfix all or some of the energy costs at varying different times to ensure that you continually receive the best deal for your needs. If this is your preferred choice, then we can facilitate a flexible contract on your behalf and assist with the management of the contract alongside the energy suppliers.

Given that the energy spend is likely to be a higher percentage of your outgoings than those of a small business, the need to find the best possible prices and products is essential. Our team of experts have over 30 years of industry experience in tendering and negotiating the high level products that are more suitable for large business energy needs.