Metering Services / Site Works

Whether you require a simple change of meter, or are building a new property entirely, our team of site works experts can assist you. Our dedicated team will manage the process from start to finish, advising you on all of the aspects you need to consider for the job in hand.

We have built outstanding relationships with our supplier network, meaning that we can find the most competitive prices for any metering services or site works, and just as importantly, we will ensure that the project is efficiently managed for you and takes up very little of your own time.

From down-stream to up-stream; we can manage all aspects of a site works project. We will arrange pipework and meter installations all the way through to the energy supply contract itself. We will find the most suitable and cost effective supplier to work with. By allowing us to liaise with the supplier directly, you can get on with the day-to-day running of your business, knowing that the project is being managed by us with all the insight we need to secure you the best deal.

What services do we provide?

Upgrade or downgrade of your existing meter
Every business is different, with various changes likely to happen within each business, from processes to types of operation. It is important that you have the right electricity / gas meter for your individual business needs, to ensure you’re not paying over the odds due to the incorrect meter type being installed for a previous occupant. Here at Resolve Energy, we can manage all aspects of a meter change, from upgrading availability to changing a meter entirely.

Smart meters / AMR (Automated meter reading)
One of, if not the biggest, customer complaint in the energy industry is billing issues. A smart meter has the ability to automatically take and send reads to the data collector, often used for non-half-hourly meters to provide more accurate energy bills. We work with many suppliers who we have negotiated with to offer and install a smart meter free of charge to our customers.

New meter installation
Whether it be out of necessity or choice, our team of experts can assist in finding the right meter needed for your business, and manage the installation process in line with the most suitable supplier.

Increase or decrease electricity capacity
Every electricity meter has a set capacity level, which simply put is the amount of electricity that can pass through the meter at a given time. Electricity intensive business operations will have much higher capacity levels than SME businesses. Your business may not have the right capacity set for your individual business needs. If your capacity is not high enough, it can be a health and safety risk. On the other hand, if your capacity is set too high, you’ll likely be paying too much for the privilege. We can complete a free capacity review, and if we find potential need to change, we will liaise with the relevant parties on your behalf to set the correct capacity for you.