Multi-Site / Group Services

We understand how complicated and time consuming each and every commercial energy renewal can be. When this is multiplied by arranging the process for multiple sites, it becomes even more difficult to manage. Our many years’ experience in this field enables us to understand each and every customer, identifying their own individual requirements and allowing us to tailor their contracts around their specific energy needs.

Inevitably, the more contracts you have, the more contracts you will need to renew or renegotiate when each individual deal is coming to an end. By dealing extensively with many multi-site and large group operations, we have agreements in place with the UK energy suppliers to simplify that process for you, fitting around the needs of your business.

Scheduling Contracts

We are proud to be one of a small number of energy brokers that can offer services such as the ‘staggered start date, common end date’ contract. This type of contract can allow businesses with more than one site for both electricity and gas to bring their contracts in line with a single end date in the future and often even one price for all sites. A contract of this type can prove highly beneficial for price, for simplifying budgets, and is also really useful for taking away the stress of having to handle many renewals throughout the year.

This may sound obvious and relatively easy to achieve, but as the portfolio of your business changes or grows, the task can prove extremely difficult to manage effectively. As each and every site renewal has to be assessed, it can become a full time job. By allowing us to bring your contracts in line, you can manage this much simpler and in a more cost-effective manner.


Additionally, this will almost future-proof your portfolio, as once the contracts have been brought into line, they can remain that way for each future renewal, whichever way you may decide to go. Your Resolve Energy dedicated account manager will be on hand to assist with the management of your portfolio of sites. We will also ensure that the sites and/or meters are added to or removed from group contracts as and when required.

Allow us to partner with your business by working with you to manage the energy contracts for your group. Your dedicated account manager will work to ensure you receive the best deal possible for the duration of each contract and at each site. We can offer the benefit of this service for businesses ranging from two small offices up to multinational corporations.

To discuss multi-site or group energy services for your business, contact us today on 0151 515 0660.