Germany using winter gas supplies due to shortages.

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18th Jul 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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Since Russia cut gas supplies to Germany last week, the country has been struggling. The Russian supplier Gazprom shut down Nord Stream 1, which is used for gas flow between Russia and the EU.

Since this shutdown last week German suppliers have been struggling and have had to draw out gas from storage. This gas supply is supposed to be to help the country get through the winter. Germany’s main energy supplier Uniper has been under immense pressure with shortages from Russia and soaring prices across the continent. This has led them to face financial struggles, which has meant that they have had to submit a financial bailout application to the German government.

Uniper was reportedly the first energy supplier to speak out over high energy bills in the EU. This supplier has only received around 40% of contracted Russian supplies in recent weeks, this has forced them into replacing a high volume of gas with other supplies at a significantly higher price.

Russia is supposed to resume its supply of gas via Nord Stream 1 by the 21st however Germany is preparing for Russia to not do this. Although the Kremlin has dismissed claims that it is using energy supplies as a political weapon, Europe thinks otherwise.  Europe thinks Russia’s aim is to do everything they can to ensure European storage does not meet the required capacity for winter.

If this is the case, then it will be likely that gas rationing and blackouts will become popular across the EU this winter.      

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