Battery storage could solve energy shortages

Article posted

5th Jul 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

Finland have made a new breakthrough that could solve the current global energy crisis. Researchers have installed the worlds first sand battery that can store electricity for months. Storage has been one major hurdle in renewable energy for a long time, however this could be a solution.  The sand batteries use a low-grade sand that can store heat energy generated from solar and wind energy. This can then be used to heat homes in the winter when energy demand is higher and the energy itself is more expensive.

Many in Europe are concerned for the winter ahead due to a lack of energy supplies from Russia, which has caused worries that there will need to be further gas rationing to get through the winter. However, this new battery could elevate some of the worries and they can store power for when it is needed the most.

Electricity that is generated from renewable energy is often generated far away from homes and city centres with the highest demands. This means for the sand battery to improve the current energy system there needs to be a better infrastructure in place to transport the renewable energy to the batteries to ensure none is wasted.