Business struggles ignored in spring budget

Article posted

28th Mar 2023

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Mollie Pinnington

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A new government budget announcement has left businesses without much support for rising costs.

The government has also not invested much in how they can sustain long-term lower energy prices for consumers. This could lead to higher energy bills for many businesses.

This has led many businesses to reach out to say that this disregard may cause businesses to struggle to keep their doors open. 

Despite keeping the household energy support scheme on for extra support for domestic customers, the business energy support is still set to be reduced next week.

This lack of support is going to have a direct impact on whether a lot of people can keep their lights on, and doors open.

Due to energy costs, many businesses have said that they are “fighting to survive” this is reducing the ability to be able to invest and grow, which in the long run affects the overall economy.

There was not a lot in the government’s most recent budget announcement that will give a lot of hope. However, since households are going to be getting further support with their energy bills, disposable income could be increased which could lead to people spending more money on theese businesses.


How is this going to affect businesses?

A lot of businesses have said that they could be facing a cliff edge this April as they don’t know how they’re going to cope with the reduction in support.  

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How can businesses prevent higher energy bills?

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