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22nd Jun 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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Many UK manufacturing businesses have admitted that rising energy bills have impacted their business and lowered their ability to remain competitive in the last two years. Around 75% of UK manufacturing businesses have claimed that the rising cost of energy is having a direct impact on their business and its ability to remain competitive in the market.

Since businesses in the manufacturing industry rely heavily on energy use it becomes a more significant overhead cost. Therefore, more important to take action to ensure costs don’t start to mount up.   

Our energy experts have put together some of their top tips for manufactures to make their business more energy efficient. Which will in turn help you deal with energy price shocks.


Monitor your energy usage

Monitoring your energy usage is crucial step to see where in your business usage can be lowered or where you can become more efficient. If your business doesn’t already you should consider having a smart meter installed. Identifying when your energy usage peaks during the day can help come up with a plan to reduce energy usage at these times. Having a smart meter will help you identify this.

Continuing to monitor your energy usage when you have made changes will also help you to see if your energy efficiency strategies are working.


Dedicate a team or person to energy management

Managing your energy usage especially If your consumption is very high could take up a lot of time, therefore, to ensure this is getting g done effectively why not consider creating an energy management role or team. Once you have a person who is responsible for all cost saving initiatives when it comes to energy it will be easier to begin a process of energy management.


Schedule operation shutdowns

You should consider production floor shutdowns outside the optimal time for machinery use is. For example, consider a full power down of your factory outside of working hours and on weekends. This can help reduce your energy costs massively.

This can help give insight to where the most energy is being used and can also determine if any savings are being made from using less energy outside of peak business hours. You could also consider a staggering of starting up machinery. Switching all machines on at once can cause a high surge of power to be used all at once and could be hurting your prices.


Small changes you can also make:

You should also consider little things that you can change in your business that can make changes to your overall consumption such as:

  • Lighting- consider installing energy saving lighting in your buildings. Also ensure staff are more mindful when it comes to switching off lights.
  • Equipment- as well as lighting, it should be more of a conscientious effort to switch off all appliances before leaving the building to make sure there is no energy wastage.
  • Heating- Set your thermostat to the recommended temperature. Ensure the temperature remains the same in the building to reduce wastage.

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Looking to pay less on your energy bills?

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