Energy guide for commercial kitchens

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20th May 2024

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Mollie Pinnington

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Commercial kitchens can be one of the most energy consuming part of a business if you’re not careful. Faulty equipment, uneducated staff and being on the wrong energy tariff can all lead to your business overspending on gas and electricity bills.  

This guide includes ways that companies operating commercial kitchens can increase efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Equipment Efficiency

Make sure you and your staff are up to date on how to make your equipment and operations more energy efficient.

  • Look for the Stars: When replacing appliances, choose models with high Energy Star ratings. These certified performers use less energy while delivering the same power.
  • Right-size Your Equipment: Don't heat a massive oven for a small batch of cookies. Match appliance size to your typical workload.
  • Consider Alternatives: Microwaves and toaster ovens are energy-efficient options for specific tasks.
  • Consider Voltage Optimisation: Too much electricity going to equipment can not only cause sky high energy bills but also slow down your electrical equipment. Think about installing a voltage optimiser today.  


Smart Practices

  • Batch Cooking: Consolidate your cooking into fewer sessions to minimise idle appliance time.
  • Pre-heat Wisely: Only preheat ovens to the temperature required for your recipe.
  • Defrost Strategically: Thaw frozen items in the refrigerator overnight instead of using the microwave.
  • Cleanliness is Key: Regularly clean condenser coils on refrigerators and freezers for optimal performance.


Optimising Your Kitchen Layout

  • Light it Right: Install energy-efficient LED lighting and utilise natural light whenever possible.
  • Zone Control: Divide your kitchen into heat zones and use ventilation only where necessary.
  • Strategic Appliance Placement: Keep heat-generating appliances away from refrigerators and freezers.


Partnering with an energy consultant

For significant savings, consider partnering with an energy broker or consultant. At Resolve Energy our experts can:

  • Audit your energy use: Identify areas for improvement and prioritise upgrades.
  • Navigate the energy market: Secure the best rates and contracts from energy suppliers.
  • Recommend energy-saving technologies: From smart thermostats to heat recovery systems.
  • Stay informed: Keep you updated on rebates, incentives, and new energy-efficient equipment.

By implementing these strategies and partnering with an energy expert, you can transform your commercial kitchen into a model of efficiency, saving you money and reducing your environmental impact. Remember, a little planning goes a long way towards a greener and more profitable kitchen! Get a quote for your next energy contract renewal today!

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Looking to pay less on your energy bills?

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