Energy suppliers calling for gas rationing

Article posted

27th Jun 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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After Europe face shocks to their energy systems due to a lack of supplies from Russia, some suppliers have started to urge their customers to limit energy consumption. The bosses of three energy suppliers (EDF, Total Energies and ENGIE) have started this appeal with their French customers.

The three companies have come together to stress how important it is for all individual and business consumers to reduce their energy consumptions. The reason being is so energy companies can manage future demand and cushion any issues such as technical hazards or geopolitical shocks that the continent may face. By putting this in place now will allow these companies to prepare to tackle the severe gas reserve this winter.

The three suppliers have called for a “collective and individual awareness and action”.  This is in hopes that if everyone changes their behaviour that it will lower consumption rates and therefore make energy levels easier to manage over the course of the year.

Although energy companies have not called to the UK to ration energy, it is always a good idea to be energy aware and efficient.   

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