ESO has seen success with flexible demand scheme

Article posted

22nd Dec 2022

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2-3 min read


Mollie Pinnington

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The National grids Electricity System Operator (ESO) has recently introduced a new flexibility service. This service has been developed to allow the ESO flexibility when demand is at its highest during peak winter days.

This service incentivises consumers who use less energy during peak times of the day. The ESO has said having flexible demand can help reduce energy costs for everyone in the long term. Since this service began the ESO has noticed a strong consumer demand from households and businesses.  There has also been over 780 MWh of demand reduction in the first five test events.

Since then, over 1 million households and businesses have now signed up to participate In the service. Savings for those involved could overall amount up to £2.8 million. One of the suppliers involved, Octopus Energy, has said that its top savers will be saving around £20 on their energy bills.

From this energy, providers have seen that it is possible to get consumers involved in flexible solutions. This will help the ESO be able to balance the national electricity network this winter and adds value to the ESO’s operational tools.

Not only does increased consumer flexibility reduce overall demand and make energy cheaper, but it also it helps with overall energy security In the UK, preventing homes and businesses from seeing blackouts.

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