Europe emerging from the energy crisis

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12th Apr 2024

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Mollie Pinnington

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There are signs that the European Union's energy crisis may be easing, but British businesses are advised to remain cautious as global energy markets continue to exhibit significant volatility.

The primary factor behind the EU's improved situation is the successful diversification of gas supplies away from Russia. With Russian gas imports plummeting, the bloc has ramped up purchases of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from alternative sources. Additionally, European nations collectively reduced energy consumption through conservation measures and a milder-than-expected winter.

However, the global energy market remains unsettled. Ongoing conflicts around the globe continues to disrupt supply chains, and competition for LNG resources is fierce. This volatility could lead to price spikes, especially when it comes to the winter time.

For UK businesses, the message is clear: vigilance is key. While Europe's progress offers a glimmer of hope, the energy landscape remains unpredictable. Businesses should consider:

  • Continuing energy-saving measures: Reduced consumption lessens the impact of price fluctuations.
  • Exploring alternative energy sources: Investing in renewables or energy-efficient technologies can provide long-term cost savings and insulation from market volatility.
  • Hedging strategies: Financial instruments can help mitigate the risks associated with price swings.

The EU's experience serves as a cautionary tale for the UK. While the crisis may be abating in Europe, the underlying causes of market instability persist. By adopting a cautious and proactive approach, UK businesses can navigate these challenging times and emerge more resilient.

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