How energy consultant's can help small businesses

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30th Oct 2023

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Mollie Pinnington

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What is an energy consultant?

An energy consultant is someone with a lot of knowledge in the energy market who uses this to help energy consumers navigate their bills and make better spending choices. An energy consultant will carry out lots of research to ensure they are giving their clients the best advice possible.

At Resolve Energy all our account managers will carry out an energy consultation on your business based on your exact needs. We will look at all your current contracts and energy spends and advise you on the best possible course of action for your business.

What does an energy consultant do?

Energy consultants carry out many different tasks to benefit your business, including:

Analyse current data

Before doing anything the first thing your consultant will do is analyse your current energy data. They look at how much energy you are currently using and how much you are spending on your current tariff. At Resolve we will also use our knowledge and forecasting of the energy market to suggest the best energy contract for your business.

Energy Audit

To understand how your business uses energy daily it is best to get an energy audit. By doing this we can identify where your energy is costing you the most for example your contract, meter or general energy infrastructure could be more costly than your business needs.

Energy procurement

After your consultant has looked at how much energy your business uses and identified ways we can save you money, we will negotiate with our suppliers to get you the best contract possible.

Identifying new opportunities

An energy consultant will also investigate ways that they can help you improve your operations and make your business cost-effective when it comes to energy. At Resolve Net Zero we can suggest ways to reduce costs, install new energy-efficient infrastructure and reduce your business's overall carbon footprint.


How could this help your business?

Most small business owners believe that energy consultancy and energy management plans are only useful for larger companies with lots of sites. This is untrue as smaller businesses and SMEs can also benefit from this service.

We have worked with many smaller businesses that have been paying more than they needed to on their energy bills without even realising. One example is one of our case studies. We worked with a small care home that was classed as a small business. The care home had been paying 20% VAT and other hidden charges without being aware for over 5 years.

We worked with this company to not only save them from paying in the future but also recover the money they shouldn't have been paying in the first place. This added up to over £20,000 in recovered overpayments for this company. We also helped them negotiate a better energy contract on the correct rates for their business size.


Benefits of having an energy consultant

High knowledge of the energy market and industry

Energy consultants usually have high knowledge about the energy industry. As a business owner or finance manager, likely, you likely don't have a lot of first-hand knowledge of the energy market.

Many businesses had trouble with high energy bills after the energy crisis because they didn't understand the energy market well. Having an energy consultant for your smaller business would prevent this. A consultant would use their knowledge of the current market to find you the best prices and contract terms for your organisation.


Professional advice

An energy consultant can also give you advice on what to do with your energy bills and how you use energy within your business. As a business owner, you may be unaware of ways you could be adjusting your current energy strategy to make savings for your company.

With an energy consultant, you be certain that they will find the perfect solution for your energy requirements. Using an energy consultant to help find energy solutions for your business will ensure that you are getting the most up-to-date advice which could help your company in the long run.


Save you money

One of the biggest benefits of hiring an energy consultant is saving money. On your current energy tariff, you could be overpaying. Whether you are on the wrong rates, contracts that don't suit your business or you are currently out of contract, there can be lots of ways you could be paying more for energy than you need to. An energy consultant would investigate all these issues to maximise your savings.

If you're looking to save money on your energy bills then why not get in touch today? The relationships Resolve Energy has developed with over 24 of the UK’s biggest business energy suppliers allows our energy experts to source the best business energy rates available for your company right when you need them. Request a free quote today and start saving money on your energy.

Looking to pay less on your energy bills?

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