Leaks in Nord Stream

Article posted

28th Sep 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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There have been reports of leaks on both Nord Streams 1 and 2. These pipelines transfer energy exports between Russia and Germany. Both networks are filled with gas, but they cannot be delivered to Europe due to leaks.

Russia has been lowering exports to Germany since the EU placed sanctions on Russia after their invasion of Ukraine. The EU previously relied on Russia for 40% of their gas usage however this has continuously been lowered until Russia completely stopped exports at the beginning of the month.

The second gas pipeline to the EU, Nord Stream 2, despite never being turned on had been filled with gas, ready for the launch last year. Germany stopped the unveiling of the second pipeline just days before Russia invaded Ukraine at the beginning of the year.

Whilst the EU had hoped that Nord Stream 1 could come back online before the end of the year, this now seems unlikely. Whilst the leaks cannot yet be investigated due to the amount of gas escaping them, many are already blaming Russia calling it deliberate sabotage.

Over the past year, Russia has been accused many times of weapons gas to try to get the EU to lift sanctions on the country.  However more so now as Danish authorities reported three explosions in the Baltic sea. This leads people to believe that this must have been Russia as an event like this would not benefit any other country within the EU.

Authorities across the EU remain confident that they have enough gas to get through the winter without depleting storage. Despite fewer gas imports from Russia, the EU has had a strong level of LNG imports coming in which has helped settle the energy crisis they are facing slightly.

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