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20th Jul 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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Recently at Resolve Energy, we have decided to join many businesses in our local community by becoming a member of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce. This is the biggest and most diverse business network within Liverpool, this will not only help us become a better business but also help us become more connected with our local community and build stronger business communications nationally.


What is the Liverpool chamber of commerce?

This organisation connects businesses across Liverpool allowing them to become part of the local community. This can also act as a gateway to national and international connectivity, opening more doors for our business. 

By becoming a member of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce we are not only becoming more interconnected in our community but also receiving trusted and well-accredited business advice. Which will support us in our efforts to improve customer experience and our employee experience.


How this is going to help our customers and employees

This membership is going to help our employees in many ways. By getting extra business help we are going to be able to support employees by, efficiently managing issues and ensuring that we are providing the highest standards of working practices possible.

Our network is going to help us build sustainability from within strengthening our team and in turn, making our business stronger internally.

By making our business better from the inside, we are going to be able to give more to customers. Gaining support from this organization means that we will be able to grow our customer base further and expand on a more national level. enabling us to help a lot more businesses as well as potentially reach more businesses across the Liverpool City Region.

With this powerful knowledge platform, we aim to provide the highest business standards we possibly can and go above and beyond what our customers expect. Working with the Liverpool chamber of commerce helps us integrate all areas of our business into the customer experience.

As a business we want to ensure that all the challenges we face are taken care of so we can focus on supporting our customers. We aim to not only help your business save money but also add value by finding healthy business solutions that are going to sustain your business for the future. Whether that is full support through your journey with us or help with investing back into your business with our net zero services. This collaboration is going to further enable us to do this.

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Looking to pay less on your energy bills?

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