New Net Zero review – what does this mean?

Article posted

24th Jan 2023

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2-4 min read


Mollie Pinnington

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The first Net Zero strategy was published in 2021. There have been many economic changes and challenges since then, therefore BEIS have reviewed and suggested changes to this strategy in line with a new economy. Since 2021 Russia has invaded Ukraine which completely changed the economic landscape in the UK and has placed huge pressures on households and businesses through higher energy prices and broader inflation pressures.

Given all these changes BEIS have decided the UK’s approach to net zero cannot remain the same as it was in 2021. Therefore, this review has been done to understand the impact the different ways to reach net zero is going to have on the country.  This is to ensure that the UK remains on the path to net zero by 2050 whilst also making sure policies stay in line with public finances and the economy.

BEIS has also said that this review will ensure that delivering net zero targets does not place a burden on businesses. Although they do believe that businesses could have a greater role to play with the relevant support. This could include making better use of infrastructure and support to become more energy efficient.

The new proposals are said to bring in a better range of innovations to allow businesses to grasp more opportunities from green growth and bring in new investment and jobs.

These proposals include:

  • Energy efficient infrastructure – BEIS are hoping to introduce more infrastructure to support the adaptations of new green energy sources such as hydrogen.
  • Delivering energy-efficient homes and buildings - this includes improving the current home standard so that no new homes will have a gas boiler installed when they are built. This will increase the number of people with a heat pump over the next ten years.
  • Helping businesses- this could include incentives for businesses that invest in decarbonisation. This could also include a new campaign that offers information and advice to small businesses so they can plan ahead.

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