Non-standard businesses now offered energy support

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2nd Jun 2023

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Mollie Pinnington

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In April the government introduced the energy discount scheme for all businesses to receive support for the next year on their energy bills. However, there were certain criteria businesses had to meet for this support and unfortunately, not all businesses met this.

Most businesses have already been receiving support on their energy bills since April. All businesses eligible for support have also had prior support with the EBRS support package that ran from October last year till April this year.

Due to the criteria set by the government for this support, many Non- Standard Businesses (NSB) were not eligible to receive the energy discount scheme. This included customers of licence-exempt suppliers, who were unable to access the support. These customers were left with no other option than to bear the burden of increased energy bills throughout the year.

Some businesses need to use a license-exempt supplier for their energy needs because they are based on a site with a private network or they operate within the wholesale energy market. This is why it has taken longer for these types of businesses to receive support as they require a bespoke support scheme.

When will energy support for NSB begin

Energy support for these businesses will run from April 2023 till March 2024. Support will be backdated to ensure businesses are compensated as this support did not actually get released until May.



What is a license-exempt supplier?

A license-exempt supplier is an energy provider that does not have the necessary regulatory license to provide electricity and/or gas services in the UK. These suppliers are usually small businesses or independent operators that operate within the wholesale market and do not require a government-issued license to supply energy.


Why are these businesses only just receiving support?

The government had to ensure that energy suppliers are able to provide the right kind of support to customers and this took longer than for normal businesses. The process was also complicated by the fact that many NSBs do not have fixed contracts with one supplier, making it difficult to determine eligibility for discounts.

These suppliers often provide electricity and/or gas services to customers who are not able to access the retail energy market due to their location or other circumstances.

The government’s decision to provide energy support for these businesses is a welcome move and it will provide much-needed relief while also helping them remain competitive in a sector that can be difficult to navigate. This should ensure that these customers can continue to access energy at a reasonable price.

Now that the government has taken this step, it remains to be seen how effective the support will be and whether or not it will provide enough relief for these businesses. However, it is an encouraging sign that the government is taking steps towards helping all businesses access affordable energy.



Does your business need to do anything to access energy support?

If you think your business is eligible for this support then you need to check your eligibility on the website. If your business is eligible and your application is successful then payments ill either be made to your energy provider to pass on or straight to you. This depends on who makes the application.



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