Norwegian oil and gas strike

Article posted

8th Jul 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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Offshore workers across Norway have gone on strike this week causing, major energy firm Equnior to shut down three oil fields. Production from these three fields is around 89,000 barrels of oil. The UK have just signed a new deal to receive more supplies from Norway, therefore these strikes are likely to affect our market.

Luckily the strikes only lasted for a short while as the Norwegian government has now stepped in to put the strikes to an end. The strikes form the oil and gas workers cut the countries production levels by nearly 60%. If this would have continued the UK would have been cut from Norway’s supply by this weekend. The Government have evaluated the wage of the workers in this sector over fears of what implications the strike would have had on our current energy strategy.

This is another reason why the UKs energy strategy to secure home grown energy is becoming more important. We cannot have a fully stable energy market without this being established.     

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