Price warnings from energy suppliers

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13th Feb 2024

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Mollie Pinnington

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The global energy landscape is undergoing a huge shift, driven by the urgent need to address climate change. This "energy transition" away from fossil fuels and towards renewables promises a sustainable future, but it comes with a potential downside, higher energy costs. And energy suppliers are warning governments to brace themselves for a price shock.

Renewable Costs Falling, But Not There Yet

 While the cost of solar and wind power has plummeted in recent years, they still can't compete with fossil fuels on a pure dollar-per-kWh basis, especially when factoring in grid integration and storage challenges. As renewables penetrate deeper into the energy mix, these limitations become more prominent, potentially pushing up overall energy prices.


Suppliers Sound the Alarm

Energy companies across the globe are raising concerns. Suppliers are trying to make government aware that the transition can't be solely driven by cost-efficiency; they need to be prepared for potential price hikes. As these price hikes are going to be pushed on to energy consumers, the government is going to have to think of ways to combat this, to avoid another energy crisis.


The Balancing Act

 Balancing affordability with sustainability is a delicate act. Governments have several tools at their disposal, including:

  • Direct subsidies for renewables: This can make them more competitive with fossil fuels in the short term.
  • Carbon pricing: Putting a price on carbon emissions incentivizes polluters to switch to cleaner alternatives.
  • Targeted financial assistance for vulnerable populations: Price increases can disproportionately impact low-income households.


Beyond Price

It's important to remember that the energy transition is about more than just cost. The benefits to our planet, public health, and energy security are immeasurable. While navigating the economic challenges is crucial, we must keep the bigger picture in mind. However, we know for businesses whilst considering this you also have to look at sustaining your business into the future.


The Transition Won't Be Easy

The energy transition is complex and won't be without its bumps. But by recognizing the potential for higher energy costs, working collaboratively, and prioritizing both affordability and sustainability, we can build a cleaner, more secure energy future for all.

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