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18th Jun 2024

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Mollie Pinnington

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Although, we are just getting into the summer it might seem a little bit strange to start thinking about plans for the winter. However, winter energy bills can significantly impact the bottom line for businesses.

Preparing in the summer can help mitigate these costs. This guide outlines practical steps businesses can take and explains how an energy broker can assist in achieving energy cost savings.

How can your business reduce winter energy bills?

Conduct an energy audit

An energy audit identifies areas where energy efficiency can be improved. During the summer, businesses should:

  • Inspect insulation and identify areas needing enhancement. Insulation is important to keep the temperature of your building regulated all year round. Ensuring you renew this when needed could save your business a lot. 
  • Check for drafts around windows and doors. Where there are drafts renew sealing or consider newer windows or doors if these are old.
  • Assess the efficiency of heating systems. Consider updating your heating system to save on gas bills.


Upgrade insulation

As we have mentioned above, its best to get the installation in your building checked before the winter or get it  put in if you don’t have any already. Proper insulation is crucial for maintaining heat during winter. Businesses should:

  • Upgrade or add insulation in walls, roofs, and floors.
  • Seal gaps and cracks to prevent heat loss.


Maintain heating systems

Regular maintenance ensures heating systems operate efficiently. Actions include:

  • Scheduling professional inspections and servicing for boilers and HVAC systems.
  • Replacing or cleaning filters.
  • Bleeding radiators to remove air pockets.


Implement energy-efficient practices

To ensure that a business saves money when it comes to the winter, everyone must be on board. Encourage employees to adopt energy-saving habits such as:

  • Turning off lights and equipment when not in use.
  • Using programmable thermostats to optimise heating schedules.
  • Promote the use of natural light and ventilation.


Upgrade to energy-efficient equipment

Invest in energy-efficient appliances and equipment:

  • Replace old lighting with LED bulbs.
  • Upgrade to high-efficiency boilers and HVAC systems.
  • Install smart meters to monitor and manage energy usage in real-time.


Utilise renewable energy sources

Using renewable energy will reduce your businesses reliance on the grid and save you a considerable amount of money. Consider renewable energy infrastructure such as:

  • Install solar panels to generate electricity.
  • Explore wind energy or geothermal heating options if feasible.


Negotiate better energy contracts

Review and negotiate energy contracts to secure better rates:

  • compare different energy suppliers.
  • Lock in fixed-rate contracts to avoid price fluctuations.



 How can an energy broker benefit your business?

Whilst there are ways that your business can save money on energy bills, one of the best ways to ensure your business energy bills stay low is to partner with a business energy broker. At Resolve Energy we have a range of different services and expertise to help your business.


Expertise and market knowledge

Energy brokers have in-depth knowledge of the energy market and can identify the best deals available. They can:

  • Analyse current energy usage and recommend cost-saving measures.
  • Provide insights into future energy price trends.


Negotiation skills

Brokers have experience negotiating with energy suppliers to secure favourable terms:

  • Achieve lower rates through bulk purchasing and strategic timing.
  • Customise contracts to fit the specific needs of the business.


Time and resource savings

Outsourcing energy management to a broker saves businesses time and resources:

  • Handle the administrative burden of switching suppliers and managing contracts.
  • Monitor energy market changes and adjust strategies accordingly.


Access to Advanced Tools and Technology

Brokers utilise advanced tools to optimise energy usage:

  • Implement energy management software to track and analyse consumption.
  • Use data analytics to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for savings.


Ongoing support and advice

Brokers provide continuous support to ensure ongoing energy efficiency:

  • Regularly review and adjust energy strategies.
  • Offer advice on new technologies and best practices.


By taking proactive steps in the summer, UK businesses can significantly reduce their winter energy bills. Partnering with an energy broker enhances these efforts by leveraging their expertise, negotiation skills, and advanced tools. This collaboration ensures businesses can achieve optimal energy efficiency and cost savings year-round.

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