Rising temperatures lead to more coal being used

Article posted

29th Jun 2023

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Mollie Pinnington

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With June temps being so high, the national grid has had to ask for coal-fired power plants to be turned back on to meet a higher demand.

In Summer the electricity demand often rises as there becomes more of a demand for aircon in homes and businesses. This leads the grid to need more backup from coal power plants to make sure that supplies don’t fall short.

Renewable energy can be unpredictable during times of extreme weather. For example, power generated by solar power would have been really high whereas wind generation was reported to be really low.

Many people have complained due to the lack of planning that has been input by the national grid when it comes to heat waves. Some are saying that the government needs to work on upgrading the national grid faster to allow more renewable projects to connect to the grid instead of wasting power and tuning to fossil fuels.

Be careful of price hikes

Although the market is currently low compared to last year, the main reason for such high prices last summer was due to extreme heat putting pressure on the grid and electricity output. Therefore if the UK faces more heatwaves we could face the same price hikes this year.

This means if your business energy contract is due before the end of this year it might be best to look at renewing now before prices rise.

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