Strikes may cause unrest for energy companies

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24th Mar 2023

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Mollie Pinnington

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There has been a recent announcement that up to 1400 offshore workers are set to strike over the next few months as Unite, the union for a lot of these workers, fights for better pay and working conditions.

This is set to cause major industrial unrest on offshore sites.

These strikes are not only due to unfair pay and conditions for workers but also the record-breaking profits that many oil and gas companies have seen over the past few years.  The union that protects these workers did speak on how the companies have had free reign to enjoy massive windfall profits since the energy crisis and need to ensure they are now treating workers accordingly.

The workers on these oil and gas platforms are considered to have the third most dangerous job in the UK and many unions believe energy companies are not paying them accordingly to this.

Not only have people called for better employee pay to be made in light of the huge profits these companies have been making but, it has also been suggested numerous times that these companies should have a windfall tax imposed on them to help the UK through the energy crisis that we have currently seen.

However, since the government want to increase investment from these companies in the UK, this has been refused.     

Strikes are supposed to start next week and could last up until June if issues are not resolved any sooner. With energy prices just beginning to come down in the UK, this unrest could cause supply and demand issues again throughout the summer.


What does this mean for energy consumers?

Whether you run a large enterprise or small business, you and your team need to be vigilant when it comes to energy costs in 2023. With 3 years of energy shocks, many businesses won’t be able to take another year of high prices.

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