The government are planning to make the UK world leaders in green energy

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16th Feb 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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The UK plans to have a large impact on renewable energy over the next few years. The Prime minister has set out to make the UK a world leader in clean wind energy. This is one of the steps the government plans to take to ensure the UK meets its net-zero targets. This plan will not only benefit the environment by reducing the number of fossil fuels being used but also create thousands of new jobs which will also benefit the economy.

The UK already supplies a large amount of energy from wind farms. Around 10 percent of the electricity we use is supplied to us from wind farms. The energy minister stated that “We are already a world leader in offshore wind and floating technology is key to unlocking the full potential of the seas around Britain.”

With the new investments that the government is making we would be able to upgrade ports and infrastructure where we already have wind farms. This will increase the amount of energy provided by wind.

The UK government is also planning to increase the number of offshore wind farms we have. 60 million is being invested into floating wind farms. This will enable wind turbines to be in the windiest parts of the UK’s coastline. By doing this they hope to hugely increase offshore wind capacity. As well as new investments the government has also set out further commitments to ensure that the UK will be at the forefront of the green industrial revaluation and progress towards net zero emissions by 2050. These commitments include:

  •  New targets for floating offshore wind to deliver 1gw of energy by the end of the decade. The building on the North Sea allows wind farms to be built further out to sea in deeper water which boosts the capacity of the energy generated.
  • Setting a target to double the capacity of renewable energy in contracts for different auctions which open in 2021 providing enough clean energy to power over 10 million homes.
  • Offshore energy to produce more than enough electricity to power every home in the decade in the next decade.

 This is the first part of the government’s 10 step plan to implement ambitious targets that will accelerate the UK’s path to NetZero by 2050.


What does this mean for your business?


If these plans work and the UK can produce clean low-cost energy over the next 10 years your business could benefit from this.  You would most likely have lower energy costs and higher reliability on the energy that is supplied to you. 

There are many business reasons why you should be looking to be more energy efficient. Fossil fuels are the main reason for the creation of greenhouse gases that are causing issues within our atmosphere. Your business being reliant on fossil fuels is going to taint your image as a company. Many people are switching to support more environmentally friendly companies at the moment as we try to combat climate change. Not making any sustainability efforts within your business may come across as a lack of care for the environment. To make sure you are not falling underneath competitors, you should start looking into implementing green initiatives into your business. 

Due to the low availability of fossil fuels, you don’t want your business t completely dependent on them. This is because when the demand for energy spikes so could your energy prices when storage begins to run out. Therefore, it may be in your business’s best interests to begin looking into cleaner energy options now.

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