UK Back-Up Power: Will It Be Needed This Winter?

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12th Oct 2023

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Mollie Pinnington

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The UK is still facing issues following on from the energy crisis this winter. With a combination of factors still affecting our energy market including the war in Ukraine, rising gas prices, and reduced electricity imports from Europe, the National Grid has warned that there is a risk of blackouts if demand outstrips supply.

One way to mitigate this risk is to use backup power. Back-up power can be generated from various sources, including diesel generators, batteries, and renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

Will backup power be needed this winter?

It is difficult to say whether backup power will be needed this winter. The National Grid has said that blackouts are a "worst-case scenario", but it is still a possibility.

The severity of the winter weather will play a key role in determining whether blackouts occur. A cold winter would increase the demand for energy, making there more likely to be shortages.

Another factor is the availability of gas imports. The UK is heavily reliant on gas-fired power plants, so any disruption to gas supplies could lead to blackouts.


How might backup power affect business energy prices?

The cost of backup power can vary depending on the type of generator used and the amount of power required. However, it is generally more expensive than electricity from the grid.

If businesses have to rely on backup power this winter, it could lead to higher energy bills. This could have a significant impact on businesses, particularly those with high energy consumption.


What can businesses do to prepare for a potential blackout?

Businesses can take a number of steps to prepare for a potential blackout, including:

  • Conducting an energy audit to identify areas where they can reduce their energy consumption
  • Investing in backup power generation
  • Developing a business contingency  plan that outlines how they will operate during a blackout

It is too early to say for certain whether backup power will be needed this winter. However, businesses should be prepared for the possibility of blackouts by developing a business continuity plan and investing in backup power if necessary.

The UK government has announced a number of measures to help businesses with their energy costs, including a £10 billion support package for businesses that are energy-intensive.

The government has also launched a voluntary scheme to encourage businesses to reduce their energy consumption at peak times. Under the scheme, businesses will be paid for reducing their electricity demand by at least 15%.

These measures should help to reduce the impact of blackouts on businesses, but businesses need to take steps to prepare for the possibility of blackouts.

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