UK Businesses overspending on their energy bills

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7th Nov 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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Out-of-contract rates and poorly negotiated deals are leaving thousands of businesses in the UK overspending on their gas and electricity contracts. With so many political, economic and social issues to deal with over recent years such as Brexit, Covid 19 and changes in government and policies, many business owners have been far too busy with other priorities to properly consider and scrutinise their energy spend. As a result, they are now overspending, having signed non-optimal contracts which could have been less had they shopped around.


Comparing business energy prices

UK businesses that don’t shop around and fully scrutinise the market for their electricity and gas are regularly paying higher prices than they need to be. Comparing the market and prices can save a business thousands of pounds. For businesses with larger spends, employing the services of an energy expert with familiarity of the market and access to the best prices and exclusive rates can potentially save a huge amount of time and money.


But why are businesses not comparing energy prices?

Business owners are typically busy doing what they do best – running their business. Comparing energy prices can be very time consuming and if done alone, it is only possible to find the time to compare a few suppliers at most. When only comparing a few suppliers there’s no guarantee that these suppliers are anywhere near the most competitive on the market. Price comparison sites can increase the amount of prices to choose from, but there are still limitations. Comparison sites are unable to cater for individual requirements such as pricing certain types of meters or dealing with multi-sites.


The best way for businesses to optimise energy spend

The most optimal way for business owners to get the best rates on the market when renewing their business energy contract is to consider a business energy consultant such as Resolve Energy. Even if its just giving a consultant a call and having a conversation about the options when it comes to renewing electricity and gas contracts, it can help a business owner to make sense of the marketplace and make the right decision for their business. Responsible commercial energy consultants like Resolve Energy offer free consultations, advice and can offer exclusive renewal quotes for UK businesses. Working in the industry and scrutinising the market every day, an energy consultant is aware of the suppliers who are offering the best prices and when. By reaching out to an energy expert a business can potentially save thousands on its energy spending whilst concentrating on what it does best – running a business.

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Looking to pay less on your energy bills?

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