UK’s biggest natural gas storage facility set to reopen

Article posted

1st Aug 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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The UK government has given the go-ahead for the reopening of the biggest natural gas storage facility that the country has. Centrica, British gas owners applied to reopen the facility. The north sea energy regulator has given this licence allowing the supplier to move forward to get all the permissions they need to restart operations.

This facility was innately closed by Centrica back in 2017. They said that the wells and facilities suffered different failure modes and were at the end of their design life. Therefore, the facility could not safely return to injection and storage operations. However, the facility’s capacity is believed to represent around 70% of the UK’s current storage capacity.

Reopening this gas storage facility is going to give the UK the energy security that it needs for the future. Having a stronger storage capacity for our own energy means that the UK will be less reliant on power from other countries and therefore suffer fewer shocks from the global energy market.  

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