What is a green business energy contract?

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10th May 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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Switching to a green energy tariff is easy once you know how. Going green with your business energy is taking a step toward becoming more energy-efficient and helping your business become more sustainable.


What is green energy?

Green energy is electricity and gas that have been generated from renewable resources instead of fossil fuels.  

Green gas

For gas, this is usually in the form of “natural gas” this just means gasses that are naturally occurring for example biomethane which is produced from organic materials and landfill gas. Green gas is then injected into the main gas grid which is then distributed to where it is needed.

Green electricity

Green electricity is more popular for energy suppliers to offer as it is a lot cheaper and easier to generate and source than green gas. Green electricity is generated from:

  • Wind power
  • Solar power
  • Hydroelectric power
  • Wave power
  • Tidal power

The electricity generated is then pumped straight into the grid where again it is distributed to where it needs to go.


Green energy suppliers we work with

At Resolve Energy we want to ensure that you our business customers have the option to reach sustainability with us, that is why we work with a number of different energy suppliers who offer various different green energy contracts.



Npower can offer you verified renewable power that is compliant with net-zero carbon reporting. Npower matches the energy your business consumes with renewable energy going into the grid. By going with this supplier, you will be able to clearly demonstrate renewable credentials and will allow your business to report zero carbon emissions without any other evidence. This renewable energy option is available with most of their energy contracts.


Scottish Power

Scottish Power offers electricity contracts from 100% renewable resources. They have recently sold their gas plants and closed the coal-fired power stations that they used to generate energy. They were the first in the UK to shift completely from coal and gas generation to wind power. This supplier is also very against the idea of greenwashing so you can be reassured that the green energy you buy will in fact come from renewable resources.


British Gas

British Gas does offer renewable energy tariffs for electricity which is 100% generated from renewable energy. However, for their gas tariffs, they will offset the carbon footprint of the gas that is used. This means that your gas contract will technically still be a brown energy tariff, but they will do something eco-friendly that will counterbalance the effects that the carbon has on the atmosphere.


Total Energies

Total Energies offer a “pure green” energy tariff for business customers. This is electricity that is generated from renewable resources. They offer 100% green electricity and gas on their business energy contracts. They also offer carbon offsetting if your business would be more interested in this. This could be better for smaller businesses with lower budgets.



Drax is another energy supplier that can offer 100% green electricity tariffs that provide electricity from sustainable sources. With Drax’s gas contracts, although the burning of wood pellets is used to generate energy, the sustainably managed working forests from which the materials are sourced absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere offsetting the emissions.



Crown could be a good option for SMEs or micro-businesses wanting to be green as they offer 3 tiers of gas plans: 25%, 50% and 100%. This means that your business could have a renewable energy plan that suits your budget. Crown gas is also part of the green gas certification scheme which ensures the energy supply is tracked through the supply chain and is not carbon offsetting.


Is green energy more expensive?

The expense of your contract when it comes to green energy will depend on how green the energy actually is. 100% green tariffs will usually be a bit more expensive if no offsetting has been used. However, this will all depend on your energy usage and business location and whether it is green gas or electricity you want.

It is always best to seek advice from an energy consultant like ourselves before switching your contract. This is because as energy experts we have a good insight into the energy market which you can use to your advantage to get the best business energy prices.


How to choose the best green energy supplier

If you are looking to switch to a green energy contract it is best to compare prices from a range of different suppliers. Resolve Energy can help you do this with one quick phone call.

We can compare and provide you with prices for some of the best green energy contracts in the market right now contact us today to get started or get a quick quote from our website to see what you could be saving.

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