Why should your business go green in 2023?

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23rd Feb 2023

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Mollie Pinnington

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Going green, or being environmentally sustainable, is an important concept that more and more businesses are trying to adopt. Being green involves making responsible choices and decisions that lessen a business’s impact on the environment instead of exploiting it.

Companies have been known to implement methods such as reducing energy consumption, investing in solar energy and using recyclable products. Doing so allows businesses to minimize the environmental impact of their operations while also helping to reduce costs associated with production and increase their marketing power.

As climate change becomes a growing concern for many of us, businesses need to respond by doing what they can to become as ‘green’ as possible - not only for our planet’s long-term stability but in order to stay competitive in the ever-shifting global market. We have put this blog together to show your business that 2023 is the best year for your business to adopt sustainable practices and transform into a "green" business.


Going green is more accessible than ever for businesses

Global climate change has made green energy incentives more important than ever for businesses. Governments have stepped up to the plate and are now providing these incentives to encourage businesses to reduce their energy consumption and to come more sustainable.

With these incentives, businesses can switch to renewable sources of energy like solar panels or wind turbines while also decreasing their overall consumption. Through these measures, businesses can benefit financially by reducing their overhead while also reducing their environmental impact and helping the planet overall. Reducing business energy consumption is no longer something that is out of reach - with a combination of government incentives and public green initiatives, it's now within easy grasp.



Sustainability gives your business a bigger market advantage

With the entire world shifting its focus towards reducing environmental impact, going green can give your business an edge over competitors as not all businesses have tapped into this potential yet. By introducing environmentally friendly practices in the workplace, you can not only generate a better corporate social responsibility image for your brand but increase efficiency as well.

It's no secret that reducing energy consumption and taking a sustainable approach towards operations can provide long-term cost savings. Moreover, if your product or supply chain is sustainable it could also attract different categories of customers who are environmentally conscious. In addition to all these advantages, ‘going green’ reflects an overall positive image of your business that implications of ‘being a responsible citizen of this planet’.

All in all, investing time and money in becoming more eco-friendly not only benefits our environment but also brands your products, helps save resources like money and labour, and makes it easier to further expand reach, giving you a better market advantage overall.



Economic issues give you the perfect opportunity for efficiency

In this day and age of economic upheaval, going green could be the key to business success. By reducing reliance on other resources and increasing operational efficiency through energy conservation, businesses can create cost savings that allow them to remain competitive in spite of challenging economic conditions.

In addition, by emphasizing sustainability as one of their core values, businesses have an extra edge when it comes to appealing to customers who are looking for reasons why they should buy from a particular brand instead of a competitor. As such, this is the perfect time for businesses to invest in going green as it has the potential to both save money and attract consumers.

As businesses and customer expectations increasingly focus on sustainability initiatives, 2023 may be the year that companies can no longer afford to delay or postpone changes mandated by a global green economy. In light of reduced profits due to economic turmoil in many industries, companies must look to advantages they can gain through processes and approaches focused on environmental sustainability.

With the cost of living crisis, consumers are more aware of what they are spending money on as disposable income has been reduced for most people. This makes it harder to entice new customers, but having a focus and showing morality through your brand could lead customers to choose your business over a competitor.



Environmental impact

Going green is a mindful practice that helps businesses lessen their carbon footprint, reduce waste, and create sustainable development in the long term. Reducing the environmental impact of our operations should never be underestimated; reducing pollution, moving away from single use products, and switching to more efficient methods of production are all essential elements of going green.

As such, companies should consider their business strategy by asking how they can adapt to a net zero future. The answers found here will ensure that we lessen the impacts of climate change while at the same time benefiting from increased efficiency and cost savings.


More laws for business sustainability are likely to be introduced

Although currently, people are unaware of how much businesses are contributing to emissions, this is quickly changing. As net-zero goals become more important for the future of the planet and our environment, more and more pressure is placed on businesses to reduce their carbon footprints and invest in green technology. New laws need to be brought in that will make it mandatory for businesses to publicly disclose the progress they have made towards creating a greener and cleaner world.

This transparency is essential for everyone, from local governments to personal consumers, in order to monitor progress, hold businesses accountable and ensure these targets are met. It's time for us as a society to take action now and create policies that will help us all reach net-zero together.

In the UK a new Extended Producer Responsibility law has just come into place. This will expedite the transition towards a circular economy and Net Zero. This will oblige businesses to drive packaging design changes and think about how their products and packaging are disposed of. This means rules will change for certain businesses. 



You need to invest to save money

Investing in renewable technology can be an intimidating proposition at first; however, the potential return on your investment is well worth it and can end up saving a lot more money than you initially spend. From solar panels and wind turbines to electric cars and eco-friendly home-building materials, all of these sustainable technologies provide long-term financial benefits, as well as help to protect our planet's ecosystem.

Not only are the costs of installation lowered over time, but also many of these products are designed to last accessible lifetimes. With continued government incentives for renewable energy technology and growing consumer demand for green products, taking advantage now of sustainability investments is likely to pay off big in the future.

Businesses have faced extra strain over the past few months with record-breaking energy prices, however not investing in sustainability because of price is a short-term view to long-term issues. Your business is going to have to pay high energy prices for a lot longer if you don’t take advantage of the benefits of energy-efficient technology.



Going green will make your business more profitable

Going green this year offers an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to increase profits, attract more customers and take a higher competitive stance. With lower overhead costs and reduced waste, businesses can make the most of their resources, whilst also cutting down on operational expenses.

Implementing greener practices is also an invaluable way for businesses to stand out in the marketplace and prove their commitment to sustainability, which is sure to put them ahead of the competition. Additionally, with consumer trends rapidly shifting towards the eco-friendly option, choosing to go green this year could be the best decision your business has ever made.

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