Why the energy industry needs change

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21st Sep 2023

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Mollie Pinnington

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The energy market is a vital component of our modern society, powering homes, businesses, and industries alike. Yet many business owners are unaware of the severe lack of competition, innovation, and fairness consumers can face in this sector.

The Big Six: Who Are They?

Before we delve into the issues at hand, let's identify the big players in the energy market, often referred to as the "Big Six." In the United Kingdom, this group includes companies like Centrica, E.ON, Scottish Power and EDF as well as new players Ovo and Octopus. Collectively, they hold an iron grip on the market, and this dominance has a profound impact on the commercial energy sector.


The Lack of Competition

Competition is the cornerstone of a thriving marketplace. It encourages companies to innovate, lower prices, and improve services to attract and retain customers. However, in the energy market, the dominance of the Big Six stifles competition. Smaller, more innovative companies struggle to enter the market and compete effectively.

This lack of competition translates into higher prices for commercial energy consumers. With few alternatives to choose from, businesses are left with limited options, making it difficult to negotiate favourable energy contracts.


Innovation Stagnation

Innovation is crucial in any industry, but it's particularly vital in the energy sector, as it directly impacts environmental sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Unfortunately, many suppliers have little incentive to innovate.  Many suppliers can usually rely on traditional energy sources and outdated business models without facing significant challenges.

This stagnation has far-reaching consequences. Businesses miss out on opportunities to adopt cleaner and more efficient energy solutions, potentially saving money and reducing their environmental footprint. Meanwhile, some continue to prioritize profit over sustainability, neglecting the urgent need to transition to greener energy sources.


Unfair Practices

The lack of competition and innovation in the energy market also breeds unfair practices. When it comes to pricing strategies suppliers often engage in predatory pricing strategies, enticing customers with attractive introductory offers that later escalate into exorbitant rates. Complex pricing structures and hidden fees further exploit consumers, making it challenging for businesses to make informed decisions about their energy consumption.

Additionally, the lack of transparency in the industry allows for unethical practices such as price manipulation and unfair contract terms. Commercial energy consumers are left vulnerable to these practices, resulting in financial losses and a sense of powerlessness.


The Way Forward

Addressing the issues of competition, innovation, and fairness in the energy market is crucial for the well-being of commercial energy consumers and the environment. However, businesses also must ensure they have the tools to navigate the energy market to ensure they are not falling into any supplier traps.

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The dominance of the Big Six in the energy market has created a landscape where competition, innovation, and fairness are sorely lacking. Commercial energy consumers bear the brunt of these shortcomings through higher costs, missed opportunities for sustainability, and unfair business practices. We must address these issues head-on by promoting competition, incentivizing innovation, and enhancing transparency. Only then can we create a fair and sustainable energy market that benefits us all.

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