Droughts have led to issues with electricity generation

Article posted

19th Aug 2022

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1-2 min read


Mollie Pinnington

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Experts in the energy industry have spoken out saying that the ongoing heatwave and droughts across the UK and Europe are starting to cause issues for electricity generation across the continent.

Both hydro and nuclear power rely on certain water levels or temperatures to do their job, however, due to unseasonal heat and droughts, facilities have struggled to keep generation going.

Electricity generation from hydropower has dropped by over 20% overall and nuclear facilities have been restricted. Hydropower is an important source of energy in the EU as it is one of the main sources of energy in many countries. Norway has said due to issues this summer with hydropower it could have to reduce or stop exporting energy to other countries such as the UK.

Nuclear energy accounts for around 70% of electricity in France. To keep nuclear reactors running the country has decided to allow for easier restrictions on water temperatures around the plants. However, environmentalists are saying doing this will only make the state of the climate even worse.

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