Higher temps causing droughts and high energy demands

Article posted

19th Aug 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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Following from record temperatures we have seen over the past couple of months as well as the lack of rainfall, areas of the UK are now suffering from drought conditions. This led to the national drought group to declare an official drought status for the UK.

This has more so affected Southeast areas of the country, with many places having to impose hosepipe bans to reserve the waste left in reservoirs.

For homes, this means that paddling pools and watering the plants (with a hosepipe) will likely be off-limits for the rest of the month. The situation in other areas of the country is much worse. For example, in the agricultural sector, it has been noted that a 10% to 50% loss of water for crops causes direct consequences for the UK’s farming industry until around 2023.  

The met has said that although they can not hold climate change directly responsible for droughts, they have said that there is increasing evidence that it is affecting rainfall patterns across the world. This will also further lead to extreme rainfall patterns as we are currently seeing in the UK as we are going from low rainfall to flash floods within a month.  

As well to droughts the UK has also seen an increase in demand for air conditioning due to high temperatures. Currently cooling accounts for 10% of the UK’s energy demand which is expected to rise over the next few years. With the UK experiencing hotter and longer heat waves, more homes and offices are opting to install air conditioning.   

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