Energy security - how does this impact bills?

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12th Jun 2023

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Mollie Pinnington

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Energy leaders globally and in the UK are considering the current energy security crisis the most severe their market has ever faced. With multiple issues affecting the energy market such as extreme volatility and geopolitical issues, prices have been very unpredictable. This has made energy security one of the top concerns for 75% of energy leaders worldwide.

What is energy security?

Energy security is a term used to describe the ability of countries, regions and businesses to have access to reliable and sustainable energy sources. It involves having secure, affordable and clean sources of energy that are available when needed.

When it comes to market conditions, energy security requires a stable energy market with reasonable pricing structures. This is important for the long-term health and prosperity of businesses, communities and nations.

Recently, the UK energy market has been subject to a great deal of insecurity due to its reliance on expensive fossil fuels. This is largely due to geopolitical issues such as sanctions or conflicts that have been imposed on certain countries, which can cause disruption in the availability and price of imported resources. In addition, advances in renewable energy technology have caused fluctuations in the market, resulting in increased volatility and instability.


How does better energy security benefit consumers?

Better energy security can benefit business consumers by driving prices down. The stability of the energy market allows for more predictable pricing structures, which can lead to lower bills for business customers. Additionally, access to renewable and sustainable energy sources can also help reduce the cost of energy as these sources are often less expensive than fossil fuels.


What is the UK planning to do to increase energy security?

To address these energy security concerns, the UK is taking a variety of measures including increasing its reliance on renewable sources of energy, investing heavily in green energy infrastructure such as wind farms and other initiatives to promote energy efficiency. Additionally, the government is looking to collaborate with other countries in order to reduce reliance on volatile sources of energy.

Better energy security has a range of benefits for consumers. It provides access to reliable and affordable energy, which can help lower household costs. In addition, increased investment in renewable sources can create new jobs and benefit local economies. Improved energy security also ensures that the UK remains at the forefront of

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