Oil prices rise with Saudi Arabia cutting oil output

Article posted

14th Jun 2023

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Mollie Pinnington

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Saudi Arabia has decided to cut its oil output in order to firm up on prices. Because of this oil prices gained a 2% rise on Monday. If oil prices start to rise sustainably it could undermine the UK’s efforts to stabilize markets and bring down inflation. Although the UK doesn’t use a lot of oil this can still affect global prices of gas. This is because the market is fairly stabilized now but talking a small amount of oil away could have a knock-on effect on the whole industry, causing major price drops.

The price of oil has fallen since last year when tensions between Russia and Ukraine caused prices to rise to over $120 a barrel as well as a hike in global energy prices in general.

How do oil prices impact the energy market?

Oil prices can have a significant impact on the energy market. When oil prices rise countries and suppliers may be more likely to invest in alternative sources of energy such as gas or renewable sources.

This shift in demand away from oil and towards gas can cause increased demand for gas, resulting in higher gas prices. Additionally, higher oil prices can lead to higher transportation costs, driving up the cost of goods and services. Furthermore, energy-intensive industries such as manufacturing may face additional costs due to higher energy prices, further raising the cost of production. All of these factors contribute to a rise in inflation and can have an overall impact on the economy.


Will this have an impact on energy prices for your business?

With Saudi Arabia cutting oil output it is important to keep an eye on the energy market and how it affects global prices. The UK should be paying close attention to what is happening in the markets and take appropriate measures to ensure stability.

Businesses should be paying close attention to the energy market and taking appropriate steps to ensure their renewal rates remain competitive.  This could include investing in renewable or alternative sources of energy such as solar or wind power that may help to reduce costs in the long run. Additionally, businesses should be looking into ways to improve energy efficiency and conserve energy resources as much as possible.

Overall, energy prices could rise due to the Saudi Arabia oil output cut, which means businesses should take steps to mitigate the potential impacts of higher prices. By remaining vigilant and making smart investments in their energy bills.

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