Energy suppliers going bust

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12th Jan 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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Anyone looking at the news in the past year or reading about the energy industry will have noticed some substantial changes, mostly with price changes and energy suppliers going bust. However, this is not necessarily something you or your business need to panic about.

Many smaller energy suppliers went bust last year due to a surge in wholesale energy prices. This meant that these suppliers were paying out more money for their energy than they were making from customers. A lot of smaller firms have struggled the past year due to having cheaper fixed deals which meant they could not cope with the surge in energy prices.


What energy suppliers have gone bust in 2021?

Some of the energy suppliers that have gone bust last year include:

  • Ampower UK Ltd
  • Avro
  • Bluegreen Energy
  • Bulb
  • CNG Energy Ltd
  • Colorado Energy
  • Daligas
  • Enstroga
  • Entice Energy Supply Ltd
  • GOTO Energy
  • Green
  • Green Network Energy
  • HUB Energy
  • Igloo
  • MA Energy Ltd
  • Moneyplus Energy
  • Neon Reef Ltd
  • Orbit Energy
  • People’s Energy
  • PFP Energy
  • Pure Planet
  • Simplicity Energy
  • Social Energy Supply Ltd
  • Symbio
  • Utility Point
  • Zebra Power Ltd
  • Zog Energy


The energy suppliers we work with

Although the list above may look quite daunting, we work with many dependable energy suppliers to help your business find the best energy contract. At Resolve Energy, we want to find you the cheapest energy supplier for your business energy needs. Whilst also making sure we are using dependable energy providers for you, our clients. We strive to get the best energy deals without compromising on the reliability of the supplier chosen. The list below shows some of the business energy suppliers that we work with:

  • SSE
  • Total Energies
  • British Gas
  • Crown Gas & Power
  • Drax Energy Solution
  • BG Lite
  • Opus Energy
  • Utilita
  • Corona Energy
  • Dual Energy
  • EON
  • Avanti Gas
  • Ecotricity
  • Shell Energy
  • NPower
  • Scottish Power
  • Airtricity


What happens if my energy supplier goes bust?

Resolve Energy work with some of the top business energy suppliers in the industry. This reduces the issues our clients may have, but we cannot guarantee that these companies are never going to go bust.

If this were to happen to the energy supplier you had your contract with you would not need to panic. Another energy supplier would still provide your energy. This is because as an energy consumer you are protected by the energy regulator Ofgem that switches your contract to another energy provider for you. Your energy supply will therefore not be disrupted by this.

Nevertheless as market-leading experts, Resolve Energy is continuously keeping up to date with changes within the energy industry. This allows us to make accurate and confident decisions. To ensure each contract and product we suggest is right for the entire duration of the contract.

If you're looking to save money on your energy bills then why not get in touch today? The relationships Resolve Energy has developed with over 24 of the UK’s biggest business energy suppliers allows our energy experts to source the best business energy rates available for your company right when you need them. Request a free quote today and start saving money on your energy.

Looking to pay less on your energy bills?

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