Why should I work in the energy industry?

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12th Jan 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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What is good about the energy industry?

2022 is the year to begin your new journey into a career in energy. This is because it is a constantly evolving industry that is always changing.

One substantial change that will structure the entire energy industry is the new net-zero initiative which is the government's plan to reduce carbon emissions. This is going to bring in tremendous changes as it will mean many energy suppliers will be moving from fossil fuel to renewable energy sources. This will mean a lot more career opportunities within sustainable energy.

The energy sector is going to be one of the industries with the biggest scope for change in the coming years, as it is going to be moving away from oil and gas to introduce sustainable energy. Becoming an energy expert in these newer aspects of the field such as renewable energy will mean you are creating change within the industry and paving a way for a cleaner earth.

This creates exciting opportunities for anybody that wants to start working in this sector, as you can become an expert in sustainable energy. This knowledge will be incredibly useful as renewable energy experts will be required by all energy companies to help them push forward new ideas and achieve net-zero goals that the government is pushing out.  


If you are the type of person that finds learning an exciting and important part of your job and loves a fast-paced work environment, then becoming an energy expert will be perfect for you. As an industry that is changing by the day, we require workers that are constantly learning and expanding their knowledge with the latest industry changes. Constant change requires constant learning.

Another reason why you should join this industry is that energy is always going to be in demand. The modern world is built around energy, and it is used in every aspect of how we live and work. This means that it is vital the energy industry keeps developing and while fossil fuels are outdated, new ideas are needed to take energy into the future. Therefore as an energy expert, there will always be developing career opportunities for you.  

Over the past year, energy suppliers have seen a surge in the price of energy which meant many businesses may have seen gas prices rise. This means it is a perfect time to join us at Resolve Energy. Our primary focus is to get energy prices as low as possible for our business clients. So whether you start as a sales advisor, or you are an expert in the energy sector your role here at resolve would be invaluable.


How to get into the energy industry

There are a range of jobs within the energy sector therefore there are many ways you can get into a job in energy. There are no specific qualifications that are required, you just need a good attitude towards work and be willing to do lots of learning on the job to keep up with the constant changes in the industry.

If you are looking for a way into working within this sector and you have few qualifications but are excited by the industry why not join our team of sales advisors today. This will allow you to begin talking to businesses and helping them find the best energy deals and gain expert industry knowledge.  

Another way of getting your ideal job could be to go down an apprenticeship avenue, this will offer you a perfect opportunity to start in the energy industry and get training on the job. Apprenticeships are a great starting point as they allow you to have a job and gather as much experience as possible whilst also giving you the time to study to get qualifications to help you to go further in the industry.



Why choose Resolve Energy?

If you are looking for a good place to start your energy career off Resolve Energy is the perfect place to do this. It is a great place to learn more about the industry and gain expert knowledge on the products you are selling.

At our company support in work is always given when it is needed. Each person works as a team and is willing to help others out. Plus you have full on-the-job training to help your reach your full potential in the job role.

At Resolve Energy hard work gets rewarded very generously. For example, we have uncapped commissions for our sales team and very generous monthly, quarterly, and yearly incentives for those doing well. The work here can be challenging, however; if you are successful then the rewards are unmatched to any other workplace.

Finally, we encourage a healthy work-life balance for all our employees. So working here would mean you never have to take your work home with you and you can fully enjoy your time out of work.

If you are considering a job with us why not visit our careers page or send us an email at info@resolveenergy.co.uk to find out what career suits you best!

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