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3rd Apr 2023

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Mollie Pinnington

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On 1st April the Government released a new campaign to help smaller businesses and SMEs save money on their energy bills through energy-efficient practices.

This campaign will advise businesses on no-cost measures to improve energy efficiency. The tips include ways businesses can reduce energy bills without spending huge amounts of investments.

With this new support, the government will launch a new website which will give companies a range of resources to help them reduce energy usage. This includes tips on heating, lighting and overall gas and electricity usage within certain industries.

This campaign will be similar to the £18 million “it all adds up campaign” that was run to support households reduce energy usage last year.

As energy support has been reduced as of 1st April the government is releasing this support scheme in order to support organisations and prep them for future price shocks. Although many businesses are aware of how to boost energy efficiency these measures have been put into practice. Others are missing out due to a lack of information.

A lot of businesses still believe that the new campaign will not be enough to help businesses that are suffering from the reduction in energy support.

The federation of small businesses expects members to see bills more than doubling due to a lack of support. Also, business groups believe the government needs to work more on ensuring that energy suppliers pass on the benefits of falling wholesale prices to customers. This comes as many businesses had to sign contracts during the energy crisis being at its peak last year.


How to reduce your business energy bills?


Commercial Energy Consultant

Having a commercial energy consultant can help you stay on top of energy bills and are renewing at a time that will not lead your business to pay more on their energy bills.

At Resolve Energy we have helped a number of businesses save on their energy bills over the past few years. Get in touch today to see how we could help your business. 


Environmental Consultant

As energy efficiency is becoming more and more important for businesses an environmental consultant can help your business save money through sustainable practices. Not only this but they can also help with upgrading current operations to more energy-efficient ways of working.  Energy efficiency is going to be critical in order to sustain businesses for the future. Your business should ensure this is implemented sooner rather than later.   

To see how our team of environmental consultants could help your business, why not get in touch at Resolve Net Zero today!


Increase energy-efficient practices.

Implementing energy-efficient practices doesn’t have to be costly for a business. Simply switching daily practices to reduce how much energy you and your employees use can make a massive difference in energy bills.  This could be as simple as switching lights and electrical equipment off when not in use and being more mindful of when heating and cooling systems are being used.


Energy efficient infrastructure

Whilst increasing energy efficient practices might help reduce your business’s energy spending, this could be difficult to sustain without any changes to your business’s actual energy systems. One way to support long-term efficiency in your business could be to invest in low-carbon infrastructure. See below for some of the most effective energy-efficient infrastructures:



Solar panels allow your business to generate its own energy meaning you can stop relying on electricity from the grid, which will mean you are less affected by the volatile market prices. See more about solar here.


Voltage Optimisation

A voltage optimiser will reduce the amount of electricity your equipment actually uses up and send the unused electricity back to the grid. This has the potential to save businesses up to thousands on their energy bills. See more here.


Heating and cooling systems

Most buildings are fitted with older gas boilers and aircon systems. These systems use a lot more energy than more sustainable systems such as heat pumps or integrated heat and power systems. Find out more here

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Looking to pay less on your energy bills?

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