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11th Apr 2023

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Mollie Pinnington

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Why having multiple meters across your business can be an issue?

Many businesses that have a wide range of sites, such as retail stores or franchise locations, often find that managing energy bills can be a major challenge. With numerous energy meters scattered across these multiple locations, all with potentially different suppliers, it can be complicated to accurately track and compare usage charges.

The traditional manual methods of tracking consumption and bills are often time-consuming, inaccurate, and inefficient. To reduce costs and make sure you're getting the best deals on energy, businesses need to keep an eye on their energy use across all their meters if they want to get ahead of the competition in this increasingly competitive market.


What is a multi-site meter?

A multi-site meter provides immense convenience to companies with multiple sites. Instead of juggling multiple accounts, they are able to consolidate all the energy billing into a single account.

This simplifies tracking expenses and creating budget projections, as energy costs can be easily analyzed using just one unified system. Companies who switch to a multi-site meter often find that they save both time and money -- allowing them to focus their resources on other important tasks. By taking advantage of this, large businesses can benefit from more effective energy management and streamlined contract renewals.


What are Multi-site energy contracts?

Having a multi-site energy contract can be a hugely beneficial system for anyone responsible for the billing of more than one meter. Not only does it provide cost savings through bulk purchasing services, but also simplifies the billing process as it is all managed together.

This is especially advantageous when dealing with multiple meters in one location as there would otherwise be an enormous number of invoices and payments to manage. Regardless of the environment you have that requires multi-meter billing, having a multi-site energy contract can dramatically reduce the time and money spent on energy management.


Does your business need a multi-site meter?

If you have more than one premises or multiple meters within your business then you should consider a multi-site meter. This will completely simplify the process of renewing each individual meter as this is done in one centralized operation. This can save you time and increase efficiency across multiple sites, which can quickly lead to significant cost savings.


What is the benefit of having a multi-site meter?

Save time

Using multi-site meters is a great way to save your business precious time and resources. This will allow you to avoid the inconvenience of having to go through the long and complex process of switching between each business location.

Doing this allows you to reduce costs and eliminate unnecessary paperwork. With multi-site meters, you’ll have more time to focus on important tasks instead of dealing with individual changing processes.

Additionally, you’ll keep track of your energy consumption in a much more efficient manner since you don't have to deal with multiple electricity bills from different service providers. It's a win-win situation for any business!


Save money

For any business, saving money is an essential way to ensure success and profitability. What many companies might not realize is that they can have access to great cost-saving solutions by investing in a multi-site meter. By having multiple meters installed at their sites, businesses are able to accurately track and monitor usage so they can define exactly which departments or processes cost the most in terms of energy consumption.

This allows them to find ways to reduce energy costs, for example through efficient management or strategic changes. As such, having a multi-site meter could be the key step towards savings for any business looking to improve efficiency and profitability.


Make switching easier

Switching multiple energy contracts all at different times can be daunting and, if a contract gets forgotten about then a costly penalty could incur. With so many end dates to consider, it is understandable that mistakes could easily be made.

With a multi-site contract all the energy needs of a business are consolidated into one single document, perfect for keeping track of any future renewals or contract expires in one place. Not only will this help reduce any headaches when dealing with the paperwork, but it could also save time and money in the long term by negating any errors.


How to get the best multi-site meter tariff?

The tariff that you need for your business energy will depend on your specific business needs and they type of industry you operate. For example, if you have multiple warehouse sites within your company, the energy demands are going to be completely different to a cafe chain.

At Resolve Energy, our experienced team of energy consultants are committed to finding you the ideal energy deal. Our hassle-free process is fast and reliable, and we are continually sourcing for the best deals available on the market. With our market expertise, we can provide you with energy tariffs just for your business’s needs. Get in touch with our team today here or get a free quote from us to see how much you could be saving.


What multi-site contracts are available?

When it comes to the contracts for multi-site meters there are no set different tariffs for multiple meters. However, with a multi-site meter, you need to ensure you are on the right contract to ensure that you are not wasting money on your business energy.

Fixed tariff

With a fixed-rate energy tariff, you are charged a fixed amount for every unit of energy used. This will not change throughout your contract. This means your average energy bills should not differ very much. This is advantageous for large businesses because you will not be affected by volatile energy prices.

Variable tariff

If you go on a variable contract for your business energy the price per unit you pay for your energy will differ depending on wholesale prices. Your energy bills could go up or down regardless of your energy usage.


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