Hospitality to suffer with the energy price surge

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12th Apr 2023

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Mollie Pinnington

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Ofgem has warned that hospitality businesses could struggle due to higher energy prices. A lot of small businesses had to sign contracts while energy prices were at their peak last year, this has now left them with extortionate contracts that they cannot leave due to expensive exit fees.

A lot of people have called Ofgem to support the cancellation of exit fees for smaller businesses. This has been especially voiced in the hospitality sector, where energy prices are a lot higher due to these businesses constantly running day and night in places such as hotels and restaurants.

A lot of companies within hospitality business groups have reported that energy companies have been charging excessively high prices and imposing extortionate exit fees when business owners are trying to renegotiate terms. This is leaving many hospitality businesses on the brink of bankruptcy.  

Ofgem is currently reviewing the non-domestic energy market as the hospitality sector is not the only business group suffering right now due to high prices and strict supplier terms.


How can businesses cope with high energy bills?

With many businesses struggling to keep their doors open due to the high cost of energy, it is important to look at all the possible saving opportunities there is.


Energy consultant

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Energy efficiency  

Recently there have been many different issues that have affected the energy market, this means businesses need to be proactive with their energy in order not to pay more as we transition to a higher price energy market.

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