Ofgem urged to help businesses before it's too late

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3rd May 2023

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Recently Ofgem, the British energy regulator announced that they are going to be looking into the mistreatment of businesses by suppliers in the energy sector. Whilst this is good news for business owners, many say the regulators are not moving quickly enough. Business groups have warned that Ofgem is moving too slowly to save businesses across the country from failure.    

Ofgem has said that they want to aim to enforce a fair and sustainable energy market for business consumers. However, the delay in any action from the regulators is putting thousands of businesses at further risk of failure.

As many businesses got stuck in high contract prices last year when the wholesale market was at its peak, they are now struggling to pay the prices. Business groups are calling Ofgem to instruct suppliers to offer renegotiation contracts with a cheaper price that are more relevant to the current energy market for businesses.

The higher prices many businesses are having to pay are affecting sectors worse now that energy support from the government has been dramatically reduced.

Whilst we wait to see what Ofgem will do, there are things your business could be doing to ensure that your company is protected from high utility bills.

What can your business do to avoid expensive bills?

Keep on top of price changes

Keeping on top of when your energy contracts are due is important when it comes to saving on your energy bills. If you leave comparing prices or signing a new contract till the last second you are likely going to feel more pressured into signing a with a higher rate. However, if you plan and keep an eye on the wholesale energy market you could avoid this and ensure you get the best deal possible.

Energy-efficient measures

As well as keeping an eye on energy prices, your business will also benefit from introducing methods that will lower your energy consumption. By implementing energy-efficient changes and sustainable technology you could save a huge amount on your business energy bills. See more about what we could do for you at Resolve Net Zero today!   

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