PM scraps energy task force to lower energy bills

Article posted

21st Dec 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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PM Rishi Sunak has scrapped the energy task force that was implemented by Liz Truss. The purpose of the task force was to strike up a series of long term energy deals with gas suppliers to increase the UK’s energy security.

When Liz Truss became PM the energy crisis was one of her main issues to tackle. She aimed at doing this by implementing a range of measures to reform the broken energy market. However, after poor decision making in terms of financing when it came to ensuring support, this has come to an end.

At the time Truss said this task force would be one way to end short term thinking when it came to energy security in the UK. Sunak has since gotten rid of this task force as he has expressed that it is pointless to lock in long-term contracts when the price of gas is currently so high.

Although this would ensure energy security in the UK it would mean being stuck with higher prices for a much longer time. The government have said that they remain focused on energy resilience however they are exploring other options to achieve this such as, financial backing for the new Sizewell C nuclear power station in Suffolk.

The government needs to ensure that they ensure energy security in the most cost-effective way for the consumer.

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