The UK is behind when it comes to cutting gas

Article posted

15th Dec 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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Studies have shown that Germany, Italy, France, and Spain are wearing off fossil fuels faster than the UK is.  

The UK is not only behind in reducing fossil fuels, but also behind when it comes to reducing fossil fuel consumption.  Countries across the Eu have managed to reduce consumption by implementing rationing for energy consumers. Unlike the EU the UK has not done this. This has led to demand rising higher during 2022 compared to other years.

The UK’s demand was only 0.3% Lower during the Autumn months compared to the norm pre-energy crisis. This demonstrates the lack of change in the behaviour of how the country uses energy. Experts have said that the UK is an outlier in the world as it is one of the only countries showing no signs of reducing its appetite for gas during a time of dramatically higher prices.

The higher demand during the winter months is going to make the energy crisis a lot worse and a lot harder to come back from. This is one of the reasons that the price of energy is predicted to rise so much during 2023.

Experts have urged that energy consumers across the UK should consider lowering the temperature they heat their houses and buildings. Even 1C lower could make a difference to people’s energy bills. Lowering demand during the winter will also stop the UK from importing such large volumes of natural gas and save up to £3 billion on the government’s energy price guarantee.

Not only would reducing energy consumption soften the blow of higher energy prices, but it would also strengthen the UK’s long term energy security. Experts believe the biggest contributor to increasing energy security is going to be reducing the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels. One way everyone can contribute to this is to try to reduce demand.   

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