UK Football clubs struggling with energy bills

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11th Oct 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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Football seems to be another industry that is suffering from high energy bills as the cost of energy living crisis continues.  Some lower league UK football teams have said they are considering earlier kick-off times to limit the use of floodlights.

Many smaller clubs are expecting their bills to quadruple over the next few months as the darker and colder nights come in.

These clubs are hoping mitigating measures are signed off by the EFL board in the next coming weeks.  A lot of smaller leagues are seeing a big impact from rising energy prices. The only other way they could cope with prices would be to raise ticket prices.  With fans also struggling with the cost-of-living crisis due to their own energy bills, they have said this feels unfair.

However, football is not the only industry currently wrestling with its energy bills as many other businesses are struggling to keep doors open this winter due to the cost of energy. 

Although the government have announced an energy relief scheme for businesses, it only really benefits those on fixed-rate tariffs. This leaves those on deemed, default or variable tariffs to struggle with low discounts. Read more here to ensure you are on the best tariff this winter.


What is the business energy price cap?

The business energy price cap is support being given to businesses to help with their energy bills for the next six months. This support will ensure businesses are either paying a set or discounted price for the wholesale element of their energy bills until March 2023. The support given will depend on when you signed your energy contract and what type of tariff you signed. Read more to find out how what the business energy price cap means for your business.  


How does my business benefit from the energy price cap?

All businesses that are eligible for the price cap will have this immediately added to their bills every month. You do not have to do anything to receive this support.


What to do If your business is struggling to pay energy bills?

There are several things your business could do to reduce its energy consumption and bills this winter.  You could implement energy-efficient measures to reduce consumption. A longer-term fix to lowering your energy could include introducing low carbon or renewable technology into your business. See more here.

If you’re a current customer who is struggling to pay their energy bills get in touch with your account manager today. If you are not currently a customer but need help with your energy bills then please contact us today to see what we can do.     


How to reduce business energy bills?

Our suite of energy reduction services can help you with this. Over the next six months, our energy reduction and efficiency plans could ensure your business can mitigate potential market increases. By working with your business we can develop a pathway to ensure your business is in the best possible position going forward. 

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